This is the sequel to my rookie attempt to join the blogosphere.

I used to think that life was about having all the answers. About having it all together. But it’s not. It’s not about me being in control. It’s about every day that I wake up to His new mercies. It’s about about the tribe I get to share tears of laughter and heartbreak with. It’s about letting go enough to trust that He’s got this.

I am so very far from perfect. But every day He gives me a brand-spanking-new page to write on. He reminds me to forgive myself. And to look for the little things He’s trying to teach me along the way. I run from Him, daily, weekly, monthly. I’m prone to wander. We all are. It’s in our nature. So share in my prayer for the journey, “bind my wandering heart to Thee.”

“…there is no right or wrong way to do this life thing. There is only knowing what she wants and stopping apologizing for wanting those things in the process. And on that journey- the one with fewer apologies- she needs to pay more attention to the dotted lines, not just the destinations. The dotted lines are the silent, unspoken victories of this lifetime.” {Hannah Brencher}


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